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We are hiring a startup girl/guy!

Position Lean startup girl/guy

Summary We are focusing 100% on running experiments to confirm our value proposition and test our main assumptions. We are looking for someone to help design, implement, run and analyse these experiments. For the sake of clarity: this is a long-term permanent role.


  • Co-design experiments to get validated learnings
  • Define and implement the necessary tools for these experiments
  • Define acquisition channels
  • Acquire users online to run the experiments
  • Adjust and fine tune experiments and channels
  • Analyse experiments results

You are

  • A young, dynamic, person with developed critical thinking skills and the motivation to make real impact on people's’ lives.
  • You are familiar with the lean startup culture and have experience with working with startups.
  • You are familiar or at least interested in digital health and patient empowerment.
  • You have (at least) basic coding (HTML/CSS/any logic), and web/graphic design. Experience with tools like Optimizely, Google Analytics, user acquisition through social media is highly desired.
  • You can speak and write fluent English.

About us

We are a digital health startup, and everything we do is about Patient Empowerment.

Many people live with chronic conditions like Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn & colitis. They get excellent medical care, but they struggle to cope with many lifestyle challenges.

We do not consider them as “chronic patients”. They are individuals like you and me with one health disorder and many other challenges to live with.

We develop a variety of products and services that help people reduce this stress. We empower them with better safety and control with different aspects of their lives.

Our first product is a solution to help keep medications in the safe temperature. It consists of a wireless smart sensor and a mobile app. Users set up their medications in the app, place the device with the meds in the fridge or transport bag. Every time the temperature dangerously changes or is exceeded the user gets an alarm and can either protect the medications or replace them.

We are also one of ten startups taking part in the Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator.

  • Our work is important to us, but we know the importance of having a life outside work.
  • We are respectful and kind to each others.
  • We do not work until burnout.

Starting: Immediately.

Location: Anywhere on planet earth if you have reliable internet connection and are in a time zone that overlaps with central european time.  Preferably the beautiful city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

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